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Mr. Sushil Mantri

Mr. Sushil Mantri is a leading real-estate developer of Bangalore, and is known for his innovation and undeterred commitment to quality and professional competence. Mr. Mantri advises on all matters concerning governance, infrastructure, business development and budgeting.


Professor Shivaram Malavalli

Chairman - Indian Institute of Production Engineers; Senior Advisor; World Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, and General Secretary; Indian Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Parks Association. Mr. Shivaram guides all the IT and communication programmes of the School.

Recently Mr Malavalli has been awarded recognition in China for his contribution towards the growth of small and medium enterprises - nationally and internationally, by the World Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (WASME).

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TEDx at IISP - 18th November 2016
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Oxford MUN - November 11-13 2016
IB Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2016 - March 17-19, 2016
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