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At Indus School of Leadership (ISL), we believe, leadership is the ability to lead yourself. This can happen only through the self-awareness born out practical experiences. Our philosophy of leadership is based on:

  • Goal-setting
  • Lifelong learning
  • Creativity and localism
  • Living with diversity
  • Leadership Competencies

ISL's Vision: "To become a centre of excellence in experiential leadership through the power of outdoor education and not perceived-risk".


The Indus School of Leadership is located on a 10-acre campus in the hill station of Yellagiri, midway between Bangalore and Chennai. It can be reached from either of these two metros by car in 3 hours. The school is also connected by rail from Jolarpettai, a railway junction about 21 kms from Yellagiri that connects all major cities across South India.


The Leadership School

  • Is the only institution of its kind that provides experiential leadership training to the students and teachers of all Indus Schools, as part of a formal leadership curriculum.
  • Provides opportunities for practical and outdoor leadership education through the Discovery Course, the first of its kind in India, and the second in Asia. The safety standards for the material and the accessories are certified by ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology), USA.

At ISL, we focus on these objectives

  1. Physical development, beacause this helps a trainee develop into a risk-taker; mentally it builds courage and tenacity to keep trying till the goal is achieved. Ethically, it teaches the value of interdependence and respect for diversity. Taking personal risks and developing self- motivation on the Discovery Course may be channelized towards dealing with mental and emotional challenges and decisions. 
  2. The quality of leadership also emerges in making the most of basics. For children who have most of what they need and more, there is some unlearning involved. This is turn nurtures the qualities of resourcefulness, of increased emotional intelligence, and innovation.
  3. Opportunities are provided for reflection and dialogue.
  4. The importance of tolerance and patience is also learned.

The outcomes of our methodology are evident in our ethically strong leaders-in-the-making.  Their experiences at our leadership camps make them positive, confident and committed members of the communities to which they belong.


A camp for our students is typically between 3 days to 6 days where the students will be trained in outdoor education to draw upon the philosophy, theory and practice of experiential education and environmental education.


The progamme includes

  • Discovery Course
  • Paint ball
  • Rock climbing
  • Rappelling
  • Treks
  • Leadership Movies
  • Drama performances

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