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"Greater energy and greater passion is more extraordinary than greater genius." — Lt. General Arjun Ray,(Retd.),PVSM,VSM



Issue 176, September 2017


Dear Friends,


Lifelong Learning


Lifelong learning is a master competency in a world where knowledge is getting outdated every two years, and 50 percent of jobs today will not exist in the next twelve years. Such is the awesome rate of obsolescence!


Lifelong learning is essential for prolonging our neuroplasticity, and becoming self-aware.  Learning about oneself is a life’s journey and involves:

  • Unlearning and then re-learning.
  • Reskilling oneself at successive tipping points on our work and even personal life.
  • Acquiring transdisciplinary skills.
  • Self-directed and collaborative learning.
  • Deep reading.


The lifelong process should aptly begin by setting a personal vision, followed by challenging and interdisciplinary goals.

With warm regards,

Lieutenant General Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd.)

Chief Executive Officer

Indus Trust



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