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"Greater energy and greater passion is more extraordinary than greater genius." — Lt. General Arjun Ray,(Retd.),PVSM,VSM



Issue 169, February 2017


Dear Friends,


Reading Habit

1.  To succeed and flourish in the 21st century, the reading habit is a must. Parents and teachers are mandated to ensure children go even beyond into deep reading, reading with the purpose of transforming oneself to be a good person, and being prepared for a future we do not know.


2. We have entered the age of a-literacy wherein individuals are consciously exercising their choice not to read. The latest reading statistics from the US are disturbing. 33 percent high school graduates never read a single book after leaving school. And 42 percent college graduates do not read any book after graduation.

3.  The book-reading habit must start with teachers. The following book-reading strategies will help:


Step 1:   Daily goal of reading 20 pages for 8 months.

  • Keep a log and use a habit tracking app like
  • Logs ensure accountability

Step 2:   Always carry a book or a Kindle.

Step 3: Select a particular time in the day to read – morning after exercise is preferable.

Step 4:    Eliminate distraction by muting the mobile.

Step 5:  Read liberal newspapers, watch selected videos, and read quality magazines like The Economist, Time and Wired.



With warm regards,

Lieutenant General Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd.)

Chief Executive Officer

Indus Trust



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