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Parents Advisory Committee

What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child, that must be what the community wants for all its children ” – John Dewey.

Engaging parents in education engages each student, and activates a built in support system that works to help both students and teachers do a better job. This is possible with an organized programme of school and parents with activities linked to the school goals. A well structured partnership programme improves the school, strengthens families and increases student achievement and success. With this goal in mind, we have initiated a Parents Advisory Committee for the parents of Indus International School. The features of the committee are given below.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide an opportunity for Indus parents to share their ideas and mutual concerns on every facet of school life

  • To provide on-going communication between parents and the management

  • To keep all parents informed of school policies and issues, and provide continuous feedback

  • To endorse, recommend, and collaborate on school initiatives

Nature of the Committee

  • Parents of each grade/section are requested to give their acceptance to be a Parent Representative of the Grade

  • We will collate the list of interested Parents and short list a few. We will request the Parents of that Grade to vote for the short listed candidates, who will be elected as Parent representatives of that Grade/Section

  • Parent representatives will then elect the Advisory Committee amongst themselves. One parent out of the eight will represent the expatriate community. In addition, there will be one Parent representative from cities wherever there are a minimum of five students. The teachers will be nominated by the Principal

  • Members will serve on the committee for a period of one Academic Session

Functions of the Advisory Committee

  • Communication

    • Communicate with all parents about school programmes

    • Enable parents to share information about culture, background, students talents and needs with the School

    • Establish clear two-way channels for communication from parents to school and school to parents. Ensure all information for and from parents is clear, usable, and linked to students positive growth

    • Provide clear information to parents on school policies, improvements and transitions. This will help in better understanding of school programmes and policies

  • Organize Parent Support

    • Recruit volunteers widely so that all parents know that their time and talents are welcome

    • Make flexible schedules for Parent volunteers to participate in formal and informal curriculum

    • Organize work, provide training, match time and talent with school, teacher and student needs and recognize efforts so that participants are productive

  • Learning at Home

    • Involve parents with their children in academic learning at home, including homework, goal setting and other curricular related activities

    • Coordinate parent-linked homework activities

  • Decision Making

    • Include parents as participants in giving suggestions and in advocacy activities through independent teams on Academics, School and Bus administration, safety, sports, food & hygiene etc.

  • Collaborating with the Community

    • Coordinate resources and services for the school, including organizing sponsors for school events, interacting with cultural and civic organizations, colleges, universities and businesses

    • Deal with concerns and rumors, advocate for the school in the community, and advise the school about issues of concern

    • Organize classes for parents about pre and early adolescent development. This will help parents understand the school and give them a forum for sharing what they considered were isolated child rearing experiences

    • Organize open houses, parent tours, conferences through which parents can express their feelings about the school

Criteria for Membership to the Advisory Committee

  • Every parent (either mother or father or legal and local guardian of the child studying in Indus International School) can be a member of the Advisory Committee

  • Only one membership shall be permitted for a family studying in the school

  • Members of the teaching staff of the school shall be teacher members of the school, even if they have children studying in the school

  • Membership of parents will lapse when the pupil ceases to be on roll of the school

  • Parents of students who have completed at least one year in school are eligible for nomination to the Advisory Committee of the parents council

  • Parents should have been a volunteer in class/ school to be eligible for nomination to the Advisory Committee

  • For a parent to be eligible to the membership of the Advisory Committee, he/she should have participated in earlier PTM’s in the school

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