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Indus Pune Placements List

Some of the universities that Indus Pune students have received offers from are

Top universities in the US

Purdue University (USA)
University of California, Davis (USA)
New York University (USA)
Michigan State University (USA)


Top universities in Canada

Queens University (CANADA)
University of British Columbia (CANADA)
University of Toronto (CANADA)


Top universities in the UK

University of Edinburgh (UK)
University of Manchester (UK)
University of Glasgow (UK)
Nottingham University (UK)


Top universities in India

Symbiosis Center for Management, Pune (INDIA)
Symbiosis Institute of Liberal Arts, Pune (INDIA)
Symbiosis Institute of Media Communications, Pune (INDIA)
Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts, Pune (INDIA)
Amity University, Delhi (INDIA)

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Senior School Indus Day 2016
PYP Indus Day 16th December 2016
Angrewadi Advocacy Project - 19th November 2016
TEDx at IISP - 18th November 2016
Sports Day 2016
Oxford MUN - November 11-13 2016
IB Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2016 - March 17-19, 2016
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